At Ikeda Tea World we take our certified organic matcha incredibly seriously. Whether it’s our culinary, ceremonial, or industrial-grade teas, our head of manufacturing, Kenta Ikeda puts his heart, soul, and expertise into every batch we make. His company Ikeda Seicha was first established in 1945 by his grandfather in Kagoshima, Japan. Having quite literally been born in his family’s tea shop, it’s no surprise that Mr. Ikeda developed a passion for the art of tea making.

ikeda tea sommelier

In 2014, Mr. Ikeda became certified as a 10th-grade Chashi Master Tea Maker. A level of expertise so rare that only 12 other people around the world have been given this honor in the 65 years of the certificate’s existence. This certification is so significant because when it comes to tea, the taste and quality molded entirely by the maker is what makes each batch unique. The Master Tea Maker must have the ability to procure leaves from many sources and accurately characterize the properties of each group of leaves to determine the best use for them. Having an advanced Tea Sommelier like Mr. Ikeda allows a wholesale matcha supplier like Ikeda Tea World to efficiently produce the best flavors in each grade of matcha for our clients.

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Mr. Ikeda has been a monumental part of our growth in the wholesale organic matcha and private label matcha worlds, and we are so thrilled that other companies have taken notice of his incredible artistry. In fact, in 2017 MatchaBar, a specialty ceremonial-grade matcha cafe in New York and Los Angeles, announced their exclusive partnership with our partner, Ikeda Seicha. With a mission to bring better matcha to the masses, MatchaBar teamed up with Mr. Ikeda to create a custom matcha formulation and an entirely new grade of matcha. Formulated with an incredible amount of research and development from Mr. Ikeda, this one-of-a-kind tea is only available at MatchaBar.