Matcha Stick Packs: A Healthy Boost On The Go

Having a matcha ritual every morning, with a tea bowl and a whisk, is not always possible. Sometimes you just need ready to drink tea. As matcha’s popularity grows in the marketplace - 65% every year since 2015 - so are the ways to enjoy it. Matcha green tea sticks are becoming a popular alternative to traditional matcha preparation. They’re perfect if you are traveling, constantly on the go, or need a quick boost at work.

Trending demands amongst consumers include the need for on-the-go drink options with natural plant-based ingredients and no color additives or artificial sweeteners. All this can be found in matcha packets. Matcha stick packs give you the exact amount of matcha green tea powder that is ready to mix with hot or cold water. It is as easy as pouring the powder into a bottle and shaking! It’s no surprise that many companies are jumping at the opportunity to provide consumers with different ways to enjoy matcha.


 bulk matcha stick packs

Small Packages, Big Results

A smaller package doesn’t mean fewer results. Like all products, single-serve matcha is made by grinding hand selected organic green tea leaves that are specially grown, harvested, and steamed. This refined and delicate process maintains its unique and bold flavor and allows matcha suppliers, like Ikeda Tea World, to offer the best matcha to go.

Our ceremonial grade matcha tea sticks keep their earthy flavor and health benefits. Each single serve stick has proportionally the same amount of antioxidants and chlorophyll as the tea from traditional matcha tins. Single serve matcha will also work as a natural detox for your body, your skin, and your mood. It contains a high dose of caffeine and L-theanine, a super combo that not only makes you feel energized and focused but will also improve your body’s production of dopamine and serotonin, the neurotransmitters that help you feel good.


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Anytime, Anywhere

Ikeda Tea World offers bulk matcha stick packs as a convenient way to carry the best quality matcha anywhere you go. It is important to keep up with the growing consumer trends, and the demand for travel size matcha, matcha flavor blends, and indulgent and creamy matcha latte mixtures is no different. Kickstarter projects and individuals looking for DIY options to make matcha easy to travel with are a key indicator that matcha-to-go is growing in demand among people looking to include matcha throughout the day and as part of their day-to-day routine. You can find matcha packets in smaller retail stores or online. It’s now easier than ever to enjoy your favorite drink anytime, anywhere.