a dish garnished with blue berries, nuts, and matcha green tea

Probiotic Matcha Green Tea: Wellness From The Inside Out

Probiotic foods and beverages are in high demand and probiotic matcha products are packed with the exact amount of good bacteria and antioxidants that support a healthy, energized, and detoxed digestive system.
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jasmine flowers


We love to experiment with different beverage mixes, and were inspired to make this refreshing sencha cold brew mixed with aromatic jasmine; which is in full bloom this season.
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matcha green tea overnight oats next to a golden spoon and jade plant on a white surface

Sweet & Flavored Matcha Powder Mixes: Endless Combinations

Matcha powder mixes are expanding in the market with products like instantmatcha tea mix andflavored matcha blends. Sweet matcha powder mixes are great way of enjoying green tea to go and have become a delicious addition to any diet or recipe.

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a salad dotted with cucumbers and sprinkled with matcha green tea

Bulk Culinary Grade Matcha: Growing Uses & Increased Demands

Cooking grade matcha is expected to have the fastest growth rate of any grade of matcha. It has become ubiquitous in products like baked goods, chocolate, yogurt, ice cream and even pasta.
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CPG food products in a grocery store including RTD tea.

Ready To Drink Tea

Ready to drink tea is becoming more popular than ever. While soda sales have been declining, RTD tea is gaining territory and notoriety. Customers are becoming more educated and are leaning towards healthier alternatives, which has caused an interesting shift in the beverage market.

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a farmer covering green tea plants with black tarp in Kagoshima, Japan

Non-GMO Matcha: Quality and Transparency

As consumers are increasingly seeking products that align with their personal beliefs, it is no wonder why certain labels, such as that of the Non-GMO Project, have become an important part of a brand's identity. Ikeda Tea World's certified non GMO matcha meets the rigorous standards of the non-GMO project. Here's why we do it.
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gluten free matcha being sifted over a dessert on a white table

Gluten-free Matcha Powder: Choose Safety

The gluten free (GF) certification is not only a trendy growing business, it actually benefits tea manufacturers and consumers by providing a product that meets very strict safety standards. At Ikeda Tea World, we proudly offer high qualitygluten free matcha. Here’s all you need to know about ourgluten free certification...

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green tea leaves grown in the fertile, volcanic soil in Kagoshima, Japan

JAS Certification: The Japanese Equivalent Of The USDA Seal

When it comes to food - tea included - safety and quality are essential. Did you know that there are some international certifications that are recognized by the USDA? One of these is theJapanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) certification. Here’s everything you need to know about Ikeda's JAS certified matcha green tea.
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a whisked bowl of matcha green tea with a chasen whisk

What Are Catechins? The Most Potent Matcha Cancer-fighting Properties

From promoting weight loss to improving relaxation and stress relief,matcha health benefits keep gaining notoriety in the scientific community. Above all, tea research is focusing now onmatcha’s cancer-fighting properties. It is believed thatmatcha tea polyphenols may inhibit metastasis and tumor cell proliferation. Recent studies suggest thatmatchamay even have a surgical effect in breast cancer treatment.

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buy kosher matcha tea from ikeda tea world

Kosher Matcha Tea: All About Our OU Kosher Certification

You would probably be surprised at the extent of regulations that an OU Kosher certification includes and the benefits it could bring to any business. Our kosher matcha tea is a certified matcha that guarantees a pure product that hasn’t been in contact with non-kosher products during any step of the tea processing and is certified for orthodox kosher compliance.
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An organic matcha tea field in Kagoshima, Japan

Certified Organic Matcha: Having Your Tea And Drinking It Too

Going organic is more than a trend, it’s a way to keep up with consumer’s demand for natural and health-focused products. The tea industry is certainly not an exception. We offer high qualitycertified organic matcha that meets all USDA organic regulations and promotes not only a healthier product, but also benefits the environment.

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a matcha latte next to a person working at a laptop

Matcha Tea For Stress Relief: A Sip Of Clarity, A Sip Of Peace!

Matcha is an excellent energy booster, but did you know that drinking matcha for stress reduction is also possible? Even though it can sound counterintuitive, it is true. The secret is in matcha’s high content of L-theanine, a unique amino acid that helps reduce anxiety and stress by having a direct effect on brain dynamics.

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