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At Ikeda Tea World, we're experts when it comes to Japanese tea. We have dedicated our lives to producing high-quality traditional Sencha green tea, Hojicha powder and, of course, Matcha. Ikeda specializes in providing several grades of Matcha, from ceremonial grade to cooking grade matcha and industrial grade matcha, suited for vitamins and supplements.

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Matcha Grade Differences

Matcha's health benefits are present in every category of matcha. Its quality and flavor vary based on the time of harvest along with cultivation and manufacturing methods. Higher grades of matcha come from the young, top leaves and have a smooth flavor, stronger vegetal aroma, and vibrant green color. Lower grades of matcha come from the leaves of the middle or bottom of the matcha plant and have an astringent taste and and earthy aroma with yellow or brown tones.

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Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Deep emerald green, smooth flavor, high in amino acids

This premium Japanese matcha powder is ideal for private label packaging, single-serve stick packs, or high-end food service. Also known as imperial grade matcha, this is the perfect grade of matcha for traditional tea, and is best when mixed only with pure water.

Culinary Grade Matcha

Bright green, slight astringency, high in versatility

Cooking grade matcha powder is for products that feature matcha as an added flavor. It provides beautiful color and maintains it's broad nutritional benefits. Also known as food grade matcha, it's bitter and robust taste can be mixed with sugar, cream, salt and more, while still preserving that unique matcha flavor in cooking, baking, and blended drinks.

Industrial Grade Matcha

Yellow-ish tone, strong astringency, high in antioxidants

Also known as ingredient grade matcha, this matcha powder has the same health benefits of culinary and ceremonial grades, but has a strong, acidic flavor and is too bitter to drink by itself or mixed with other ingredients. Instead, industrial grade Japanese matcha is best suited for use in health products like vitamins and supplements, as well as beauty products like facial masks, cleansers, and toners. 

Hojicha Powder

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Bulk Sencha Tea

Our featured tea is Sencha, a staple beverage and the most commonly consumed loose leaf green tea in Japan.

The final form of Sencha is traditionally a rolled leaf, which is then infused with hot water. The leftovers from Sencha production are used to make Konacha, which is ideal for tea bags.

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